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Once upon a time, a land inhabited by magical creatures with shimmering gossamer wings was created.  

The new kingdom's little critters were called 'Heavenly Creatures' - a name destined to be synonymous with whimsical children's wear.

Kelly Duckworth and Heidi Webb created Heavenly Creatures in 2007 noting a lack of cool, quirky, quality play clothes for their young brood.

In 2014, Heavenly Creatures was taken over by young upcoming Melbourne designer Alexandra Meehan (right). Alex had enjoyed work experience with Kelly and Heidi some years before, and had since graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design with an eclectic range of children's wear, the only student ever in the history of the Institute to do so.

Today Alex is busy building Heavenly Creatures with hard work, passion and imagination. Each piece is lovingly designed, made in Melbourne and intertwined with memories of childhood laughter under cobalt blue skies brimming with wispy white clouds.

Heavenly Creatures... whimsical play clothes for modern children.

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